Yelp keeps getting better with new features in 2024. Here are ten things you might not know:

Yelp’s Advanced AI Integration

Yelp uses advanced AI to give personalized recommendations based on browsing history and preferences. This helps customers find your business if it matches their tastes.

Augmented Reality Features

Yelp now has AR features. Users can see a virtual tour of your business, view menus, and even see seating arrangements using their phones.

Expanded Health and Safety Information

Post-pandemic, Yelp lets businesses share detailed health protocols and safety measures. You can list staff vaccination statuses and real-time updates, attracting health-conscious customers.

Enhanced Business Analytics

Yelp offers better analytics tools to help you understand customer behavior and review trends. Use this data to improve your services and stay ahead of competitors.

Integration with Social Media

Yelp now integrates better with social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok. Sync your profiles so users can see your latest posts and videos on Yelp.

Virtual Check-ins and Appointments

Customers can now check in virtually or book appointments online, reducing wait times and improving efficiency.

Sustainability Ratings

Yelp has introduced ratings for environmental practices. Businesses are rated on energy use, waste management, and sustainable sourcing, attracting eco-conscious customers.

Voice Search Capabilities

Yelp now supports voice search. Users can find your business using natural language commands with their smart devices.

Verified Reviews

To combat fake reviews, Yelp has a stricter verification process. Verified reviews are marked with a badge, making them more trustworthy.

Community Engagement Programs

Yelp has expanded programs that connect businesses with their communities through events and charity partnerships.

Yelp’s new features can help your business grow and thrive in 2024.

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