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Is Your Website Making You Money Or Costing You Money?
Web Design should focus on marketing and not design.
What Can Adodo Do For Our Website?
Is your website designed to sell your products and services 24hrs a day?
What strategies do you have in place to drive traffic to your website and are they working?
Are you being found by the search engines for your main products and services?
Why Are So Many Organisations Using Adodo?

"Tim and his team have gotten under the skin of my business and really understood what we are about. The advice and service provided has resulted in growth unprecedented in previous years. We are really excited about the future working with the team from Adodo."
Mike G, MGRetail Consulting
UKHC 5Star

Good website Design starts with your objective.
Creating content for your website and other web assets.
mobile friendly website that gets you more customers
The design of your website is not as important as everyone thinks. It is only there to facilitate your strategy. What is the reason people visit, what information do you want them to learn and what action do you want them to take?
Content is driven by the answers to the three questions under web design. It must be consistent, relevant and written in plain english. It must also have a mixture of video, images and text.
Google have announced that as from 21st April 2015 websites that have been optimised for use on mobile devices will be designated as ‘Mobile Friendly’ and given priority in search results over websites that are not mobile optimised.
Analysing web traffic
Optimising your website for growth
Have you considered Your Own Video Channel
This is not just about the number of visitors you have in any given month. Where did they come from, where did they go what did they do while they were there. Are you getting anywhere close to the numbers you need to achieve your goals?
Working with the numbers you have what are you going to do about it? How relevant is the information on the page to someone looking for your services? What feedback are you getting from your visitors?
You now have the ability to be local and global if you so wish. The persuasive power of television is now available to all in the form of online video as a medium for distributing your content. Remember a picture paints a thousand words.
That’s Cool… But What Else Can Adodo Do?
How would you like your website to be added to our local directory service FREE of charge?

Sales Process Design
About 95% of conversions, sales and revenue are generated by about 5% of the pages on your site.

Sales Process Tracking
Once designed how do you track the sales funnel from beginning to end? Does this include any form of remarketing?

Calls To Action
You only have about 9 seconds to grab someones attention when they land on your site. How do yo keep visitors engaged?

FREE Hosting
Your website deserves great web hosting. Super-fast, super-secure and super-reliable award-winning web hosting.
Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

We're not getting ranked on Google for any of our services?
There could be several reasons for this. Your site may not be indexed correctly with the search engines. Your pages may not be seen as relevant when found against specific search terms, or it may simply be too competitive a keyword.

Why should we be using video on our website and what type?
The answer is simple. Apart from the research which shows that every minute of video is worth 1.8 million words online. Google, the largest search engine, owns YouTube, hence they love video, especially current and relevant content. Explainer videos work really well.

How do we know what keywords will work best for us?
Just ask us to produce a keyword research analysis report. You may even get it FREE. This report will also provide you with some competitor analysis. Just let us know who your major competitors are and we'll do the rest.

What are the key benefits of your hosting package?
Apart from FREE for our Executive Strategy Plan (ESP) clients. You can also have 'stop the hacker' security and restore backup facilities. If your current site is not mobile responsive and there is no budget for a re-build you could build a separate mobile site.