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One minute of video has the same online value as 1.8 million words.
Video Marketing for local businesses
How Can Adodo Help With Our Video Marketing?
You shouldn't think of video in isolation but as an essential part of your strategy when it comes to content creation.
What information do you want your audience to benefit from?
Would you like to appear on the Adodo Local Insights chaannel to promote your expertise?
Why Are So Many Organisations Using Adodo?

"For many years now Adodo have helped us with our online marketing. Recently we've added more and more videos to the mix. They are that successful for us we are now even promoting them. "
Lucy, Finances AbroadUKHC 5Star

HD video far more engaging than words alone.
Have you considered Your Own Video Channel
Online Authority equals more sales.
96% of consumers find videos helpful when making purchase decisions online. 71% of consumers say that videos leave a positive impression of a company. 77% of consumers consider companies that create online videos as more engaged with their customers.
When it comes to getting more customers video is SIX times more effective than print and direct mail. YouTube is the second largest search engine, owned by the largest search engine Google, with videos being streamed to the largest social platform Facebook Get the picture..
Are you proud of the services you provide and would like more people to know about what you do then online video marketing is perfect for you. It doesn't have to be polished, all the viral videos tell you that. It does however have to be engaging and relevant. Jump in and be creative.
Introductory or Corporate Video
Client Reviews and Testimonials through video
Explainer Video
You could have a corporate video on your website or choose to go with an animated video such as the one above to sell your services.
Are all your testimonials in written form on your website? Turn them into video reviews and syndicate them to the various social platforms?
Do you want to explain your product visually in a few minutes. Well what's stopping you? Let's put together a plan for educating your customers.
That’s Cool… But What Else Can Adodo Do?
For content, nothing makes sales, builds rapport, and gets traffic like video.

Product Video
A one minute video that uses a professional on-camera spokesperson in a business-like setting with custom graphics, announcer voiceovers, and “b-roll” (which is video and/or images of the company or product).

Corporate Video
Using the craft of film to help brands, businesses and organisations big and small connect with their audience.
Our video production team work closely and collaboratively with everyone from triple-platinum selling bands to household brands, agencies and everything in between.

Video Advertising
To help you better engage your audience on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube customise the video length to suit each of the four main platforms.

Video Sales Letters
A VSL is, in essence, a long form sales letter pasted over multiple slides. This makes it more appealing to people happier watching YouTube videos than reading 20 pages of 14pt Times New Roman.
Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

I've heard that video will help with my search results - how?
Research shows that dwell time on a web page containing video more than doubles on average from 66 seconds to up to 250 seconds. Time spent on a page is one of the many ways Google measures relevancy.

Could we use video to drive down our support costs?
Well of course. Why not create a series of training videos and support videos answering the most frequently asked questions about your products or service. This is also a great way to create customer engagement.

Is it just YouTube or are there other platforms we should consider?
Whilst YouTube is still the largest video platform you can't help notice that video is everywhere. As well as the recognised video channels such as Vimeo and DailyMotion it is increasingly found now on Facebook and Pinterest. In fact, wherever your customers are you'll find videos more and more.

I don't want to go in front of the camera. Will this hinder the benefits?
Not at all. First and foremost is the content good quality and relevant to the audience. You've al been to a seminar where the presentation was lousy but the content made you think. Alternatively you've been greatly entertained but learned nothing. Entertaining is good but the purpose is to win more business.