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Social Selling Made Easy

by Editor
In this video, Jamie Shanks (CEO, Sales for Life) and Jon Ferrara (CEO, Nimble) will help you effectively measure your social selling initiative. Whether it's top of the funnel activity or closing a deal, they cover the impact social selling has on every stage of your sales process.

Watch this video and you’ll learn how to:

- Measure the ROI of social selling as a sales leader
- Drive the right sales activity that leads to outcomes
- Nurture a buyer throughout their buying journey

Part of the transcript of the webinar. For the full transcript download the file below.

04:16 so as I said before I don't think you
04:19 need to be told that today we're over
04:22 connected and over communicated in that 04:24 social media has changed the way that
04:26 people work
04:27 play buy and sell and that for you to be
04:30 able to be top of mind with your
04:32 customer that you need to become their
04:35 trusted advisor and be part of their
04:37 journey throughout the cycle not just
04:39 when they buy but when they recommend to 04:41 their friends and what they should buy
04:43 as well and so we're gonna talk about
04:45 what is the role of social leader sales
04:48 leadership and social selling how to set
04:50 up the right programs to measure success 04:53 what do you need to do in order to
04:55 determine what activities that need to
04:57 be done and how to measure that and what 05:00 is your ICP ICP stance your ideal
05:04 customer profile because if you don't
05:06 know who your best prospects and
05:08 customers are how can you direct your
05:11 efforts to go after them to build
05:13 relationships with them and to be able
05:15 to serve them and and I love number six..........

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