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Reputation. Reach. Resell. Referrals.
Email, Google, Facebook, Twitter et al - What's the Fuss?
What is your online marketing strategy?
How Will Adodo Help Us With All This?
Provide proven strategies to increase the number of customers you have by 25% to 100%.
Optimise the essentials of online marketing including video and email marketing.
It's not the knowing what to do. It's taking action that matters. You now have a friend.
Why Are So Many Organisations Using Adodo?
"The world is changing so fast, how do you keep up? Do I use Facebook, Pinterest or Instagram. How can I get people to see my work? I don't worry about it because I leave it all to the team at Adodo."
Julie Ellis, Artist
UKHC 5Star
Social Media Marketing for SME's
Business Strategy for Growth
Email Marketing
Facebook, Google, Twitter, YouTube, the list goes on and on. Which platform(s) are right for your organisation and why? What are the objectives in using these platforms?
What do yo want? More customers, more sales or both? How's your marketing strategy working? What you don't have one? Well you are in the right place. Let's get started on your Adodo ESP.
Wow, how important have email addresses become. But how are you managing your customers email addresses? How does email marketing fit into your marketing strategy?
Business Marketing Analytics
Which Marketing Platforms?
Be found on as many Local Directories as possible.
What results do you want from your online marketing? For example, is it more likes, more email addresses or more sales? You've got to know your numbers to drive the sales process by logic, confidence and clarity - not emotion.
The platforms you use to advertise your organisation will depend on your particular niche. Whichever ones you use you must do your research. You must also be constantly testing and tweaking to lower your costs.
There are many local directories and each one can have an impact on your business. Have you claimed your free listings? Are your company name, address and telephone number details consistent across all directories..
That’s Cool… But What Else Can Adodo Do?
Would increased traffic to your website help?

And what about converting that traffic, do you need help with that too?

Do you need some inspiration? What will it take to stand out from the crowd. The strategic plan will highlight the right campaigns.

Behind The Scenes
If you want to sell more to existing customers you need to have the processes in place to do so. How are your follow up processes working?

A Winning Sales Process
Do you have a waiting list for your products or services? Is your website delivering a steady predictable stream of enquiries?

There are regular attacks on your site of which you are unaware. What if your site was hacked, how quickly could you recover?
Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

I'm a local shop, why do I need an online marketing strategy?
When was the last time you were recommended anywhere? What was the first thing you did with that recommendation. Did you go online to 'check them out'? Yes that's what people do and that's what your customer do.

What about traditional advertising such as direct mail, newspapers and magazines?
If you are using these outlets and they are working for you great. However, by combining online and offline marketing you will boost the returns. For example, what analytics do you get from your newspaper/magazine advertising? But you can measure the success when they hit your website.

Online marketing is time consuming and we leave it to our web designers?
Firstly, you must take control of your marketing strategy. Secondly, design is not what's important- it's the marketing and very few web designers are good at marketing. Having the prettiest looking website is simply wasting money if it fails the basic principles of online marketing.

We already run online ads with Google. How can you help with those?
We find that many Google advertisers are overspending on their budgets and not getting the return on investment because of mistakes in the way their ad is structured. Take advantage of our FREE AD AUDIT to see how you can improve the return on your investment.