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Save 15% on Yearly Plans
No Setup Fee

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0 Setup
Billed Annually
14% Saving
  • Media Dashboard
    Media Dashboard

    The only dashboard you need to view and manage all your key media assets and view your reports.

  • Connected to Google Business Profile
    Connected to Google Business Profile

    Make sure people find you on Google Search and Maps, then turn them into customers

  • New Website / Landing Page
    New Website / Landing Page

    Simple, fully responsive one-page sites for pretty much anything

  • Connected to Facebook
    Connected to Facebook

    All the customers you'll ever need are on Facebook, monitor from your dashboard

  • Connected to your Google Search Console
    Connected to your Google Search Console

    Lets you easily monitor and in some cases resolve server errors, site load issues, and security issues like hacking and malware.

  • Google Analytics
    Google Analytics

    Google Analytics goal completions and referral sources tell a story about your website beyond simple data.
    Traffic source reports tell you which online sources contribute the most to your website visits and overall return. By seeing the results of organic search, direct sources, referral sources, and more, you can easily determine where your efforts are paying off or where you may want to scale back.

  • Local SEO with Adodo Pro
    Listings with Adodo Pro

    66% of a local businesses ability to appear in local search depends on its listings and reputation

  • Reputation with Adodo Standard
    Reputation with Adodo Standard

    Never miss an online review again with insights on customer feedback and sentiment analysis

  • Social with Adodo Standard
    Social with Adodo Standard

    Monitor and manage your social posts on Google Business Profile and Facebook

  • Google ReviewResponder
    Google ReviewResponder

    We help you to automate the time-consuming and sometimes challenging task of responding to reviews for your business.

  • ConversePop

    ConversePop allows you to greet your visitors 24hrs a day and lead them to take the action you desire.The solution can be placed in various places and doesn't have to be only your website. Anywhere you can add a link you can start a conversation with ConversePop.

  • The Business Funnel Card (BFC)
    The Business Funnel Card (BFC)

    A digital business card for modern networking. Turn a chance meeting into a meaningful connection by standing out from the crowd.

  • Conversations

    Manage conversations from 7 different channels in one screen: Email, Text, Google chat, Facebook messenger, Instagram, Reviews, Calls.

  • Snapshot Report
    Snapshot Report

    The Snapshot Report is an award-winning marketing needs assessment that arms you with automated insights into your business’s online marketing performance. These insights make for compelling and persuasive calls to action. Use the Snapshot Report to understand where you need the most help and how we can help you!

  • Strategy Workflow Maps
    Strategy Workflow Maps

    Access, and Easily Build Powerful Sales, Marketing And Procedure Workflow Maps. We give you a couple to get you started.

  • AskAdodo Hub
    AskAdodo Hub

    If you need help on any of the services or tools, ask questions and get answers any time of day, whenever it suits you. Our AI helper has been trained to provide support on all services. In addition you'll have access to call or text for support.

  • Premium Listing in your local UKHangout Community Directory
    UKHangout Community Directory

    Enjoy a premium listing in the directory.

  • Monthly Executive Reporting
    Monthly Reporting

    The Executive Report is your single source of truth for the state of your online presence. It gives you a rollup of everything that’s happening across all of your digital marketing channels in the last month.

  • Email & Chat Customer Support
    Email & Chat Customer Support

    Any issues do not hesitate to email support or use our webchat. Phone support is also available during office hours


Most Popular Plan
0 Setup
Billed Annually
15% Saving
  • Everything in Builder plus..
    Everything in Builder plus...

    Now you're serious about growth let's add some more of the STAR method to boost your Social, Traffic, Automation and Reputation.

  • Listings with Adodo Sync
    Listings with Adodo Sync

    With the click of a button, you can instantly create and update listings across an established network of sites. Better yet, it keeps information protected from third-party changes—putting you in control of your online brand. Get found on search engines, social networks, mobile apps, navigation systems, and more with Listing with Adodo Sync!

  • Reputation with Adodo Pro
    Reputation with Adodo Pro

    See how you stack up against the competition then easily monitor and manage your reviews from all sources through our single interface.

  • Adodo Social
    Adodo Social

    We know that content creation is one of the biggest pain points clients face. To aid with this, the system is loaded with features to expedite and help with the content creation process. Post to all the major social platforms.

  • Done For You Website
    Done For You Website

    Simple, fully responsive 4-page sites for pretty much anything. SEO optimisation charged separately.

  • Marketing Automation
    Marketing Automation

    Automate email campaigns, SMS, lead nurturing, and social media management. Automate followup appointment reminders.

  • Automated Workflows
    Automated Workflows

    With the help of automation, you're creating the actions to be performed by the system when a specific event occurs. It helps you streamline your business process, saves you a ton of time, and helps you manage your business more efficiently.

  • Customer Management System (CRM)
    Customer Management System (CRM)

    Capture, track and manage leads seamlessly, manage customer relationships, track interactions, and gain valuable insights in a unified messaging platform.

  • ConversePop Multi
    ConversePop Multi

    Increase the number of widgets you can create to 5.

  • Missed Call Text Back
    Missed Call Text Back

    Adodo's Missed Call Text Back feature ensures you're always in touch with your leads. When a call goes unanswered, we automatically send a friendly text message, reengaging potential customers and transforming missed opportunities into valuable connections. Make every call count and watch your business thrive with Adodo!

  • Funnel Builder
    Funnel Builder

    Easy to use, beautiful website/funnel builder. No coding required. Create unlimited landing pages, websites, and funnels with a sleek, modern design.

  • Retargeting Pixel added to Website
    Retargeting Pixel

    Studies show 97% of website visitors leave without taking action. We retarget those visitors by placing our retargeting pixel on your website and on the Offer Directory page.

  • 1 x Video monthly (Expertgram, Video Commercial, Review Video)
    1 x Video monthly

    Each month we'll create video content in the form of an Expertgram, Video Commercial or Review Video and syndicate it to your social assets.

  • 1 x Authority Review Widget
    Authority Review Widget

    Boost your authority by displaying reviews in the most engaging way, visible to 100% of visitors, mobile friendly and updated regularly, perfectly timed, scrolling with the site with a call to action that would help to convert each visitor! That’s not all!

  • Email & Chat Customer Support
    Email & Chat Customer Support

    Any issues do not hesitate to email support or use our webchat. Phone support is also available during office hours

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