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It Takes A Whole Village To Raise A Single Child
Take a Look at our Community Initiative
What Can Adodo Do For My Community?
Well, how about we pay a small percentage of what you pay us to the charitable project of your choice.
We work with organisations like Business in the Community on a pro bono basis.
Charities receive special rates on some of our services, sometimes FREE.
Why Are So Many Organisations Using Adodo?

"Adodo were introduced to us through Nottingham City Council as a 'pilot' scheme. We didn't know what to expect but have been delighted with their contribution to our organisation."
Marie Rodgers, Stonebridge City Farm

UKHC 5Star

Local Directories are important for your growth.
We assist chartiies though our Community Initiative.
We share our success through Commission payments
Gone are the days when people go to the Yellow Pages to find local businesses. Now it's let's 'google it'. Our local directories really are local. The benefit to you is an opportunity to market your services in a very unique way.
Why do you work so hard, put in all those hours? What's the real WHY? If you are like us then you want to belong to something greater. Whatever it is the Adodo Community Initiative, in a small way, could help your cause.
Time is probably more precious to give than money because you can't get it back. Our Charity Assist scheme provides a pathway to information and support for charitable organisations to assist them with their strategic marketing plans.
That’s Cool… But What Else Can Adodo Do?
Once upon a time, people were happy to help. Neighbours were friends, businesses were local and all elements of the community worked together. At Adodo that ethos continues with the Community Initiative.

Employee Engagement
The missing link in many cases when it comes to organisations failing to reach their potential is lack of good communication.

It's not always what you know. When was the last time you spoke to the business across the street about stratgeic marketing?

Local Showcase
Are you proud of your business but not enough people know about you? Why not take advantage of the Adodo TV channel?

Business Benefits
Companies who invest in their communities soon discover there are sound business reasons for doing it to.
Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

How does the Adodo Community Initiative work?
The initiative was first launched in 2000 and has won many local awards. Simply put each customer can choose a project, school or charitable organisation they wish to support. Adodo donate a percentage of what the customer spends to the chosen project on a monthly basis.

As a charity which of your services can I get for free?
This is done on a case by case basis in a similar manner to how we work with ProHelp as part of Business in the Community. Just pick up the phone and ask, you'll never know how we could've helped you until you ask. The worst we could do is say no.

Can you expand on what you mean by Employee Engagement?
The UK's best organisations to work for are using engagement as a way to transform business results through the creation of real sustainable growth. We believe that employee engagement is a transformational approach which all companies can benefit from, and time after time, the latest data backs this up. Ensure all staff are, at least, engaged in your reputation marketing.

What is so unique about the Adodo Local Directories?
They are unique because they are designed with marketing strategies in mind and not one form of advertising. Each entry can combine elements of reputation marketing, video marketing, coupon offers, surveys and contests.
The aim is to ensure that online and offline work as one and not in isolation. And that goes for the community too - working as one.