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5 Ways Facebook is Becoming a Threat to Google in Local Search

by Editor
What if we told you that Google might not be as important a resource for local search as you think it is? You’d probably think were crazy. Nobody can challenge Google when it comes to search supremacy. Right? Well, when it comes to local search, that might not be true. We’re not talking about Bing or Yahoo or any traditional search engine. Instead, the search option that might overtake Google in local search isn’t a search engine at all. It’s Facebook. The social media giant is undeniably a powerhouse when it comes to marketing small businesses. And given how likely […]

Word of Mouth Still Rules the Marketing World

Word of mouth advertising is one of the oldest, but most effective forms of advertising. Simply put, it is the means of one person telling another person something about your business. It has always been one of the most powerful tools to have as an advertising medium. Ask yourself, are you more interested in listening to what a commercial has to say or what your best friend has to say? Who is more believable? As a business, part of your advertising plan should focus on word of mouth advertising.  But in the world of today, word of mouth advertising is […]

Are You Paying Attention to Customer Retention?

In an ideal world, the tremendous amount of time, money, and energy you spend in building a great business; educating your audience about it; attracting them to your company; and finally turning them into paying customers would be rewarded by a long, profitable relationship between you and the newly-acquired customer(s). But this is not that world, is it? You know that customer relationships are far from ideal. However, did you know… Losing customers is easier than you think 96 percent of customers have no qualms in walking out the proverbial door if they are unhappy with either your products or services […]

Writing Web Copy That Converts

by Editor
Expert Tips for Writing Web Copy That Converts Content is your most powerful marketing weapon; but like any weapon, it needs to be mastered before you can use it effectively. If you’re looking to persuade your site visitors to do business with you, there are certain things you need to add to your copy to make it work. Here, you’ll learn 3 tips for writing web content that converts. Inform, don’t sell Obviously, the goal of your website is to convince the reader to buy your products and services. However, the key to doing this isn’t by aggressively advertising the […]

9 Crucial Sales Lessons for Small Businesses from the Brexit Vote

9 Crucial Sales Lessons for Small Businesses from the Brexit Vote The question on the ballot box was should the United Kingdom remain a member of the European Union or leave the European Union? A clear enough question written in plain English. There were two designated parties Remain and Vote Leave. At the start of the campaign bookies had the odds of a Leave victory at less than 20%, so what happened? The message For years we have heard the reasons as to why the European Union is bad for Britain. ”We give them all our money and get nothing […]