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Knowing Where And How To Apply The Treatment

Knowing Where And How To Apply The Treatment.

by Editor
Remember that old story about the TV Repair Man who was called out to fix a TV set? He arrived, twiddled around for 20 seconds, took out a hammer from his tool case and hit the TV set smartly, just once, on the side of the cabinet. The picture appeared – and stayed. Perfect vision, perfect sound. The TV repair man closed his case and said to the customer “There you are sir. That’ll be £50.” “£50?” he cried, “You’ve only been here 2 minutes and all you did was hit my set with a hammer!” “True sir”, the TV […]

What have the Google Mice Update and Queen Elizabeth got in common?

by Editor
21st April will be the last time Queen Elizabeth II has a birthday in the eighties, at 89. It could also be the last time you see your website ranking well in Google searches. Whilst it might not affect the Queen all that much it WILL affect you if you are a local business.   The latest announcement from the King of search, Google, not Prince Phillip, is the most emphatic they have made. It is a not an if, or a but or a maybe it is a definite. On that date Google will begin rolling out a worldwide […]