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Getting great value from shoestring marketing

by Editor
Affordable Content And Shoestring Marketing Mean Success A lot of business marketers rely on Twitter and Facebook, but there are numerous other social media sites that can work just as well. Reddit and StumbleUpon, for instance, have countless followers. StumbleUpon, in fact, recently constituted half of the Internet’s referral traffic. Develop Shareable Content The method of gaining huge returns on inexpensive content is to really make it go viral. This is obviously easier said than done, but it is certainly not impossible. You first must make your content shareable. Once again, easier said than done, but it becomes much easier […]
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3 Steps to Setting Up Your Reputation Marketing Strategy Today

3 Steps to Setting Up Your Reputation Marketing Strategy Today – Packed with Tips, Helpful Links, and Easy-To-Use Tools As a business owner or manager we know you are too busy already. However, in today’s knowledge based economy your online reputation is so vital to the future success and growth of your business that you must make sure that yours is managed, built and marketed effectively. Don’t put it off any longer! In the next few minutes you can: • Find out what your online reputation looks like right now • Check to ensure you’ve optimised your on-site and off-site […]

6 Free Audit Tools to Optimise Your Website for the Search Engines

by Editor
6 Free Audit Tools to Optimise Your Website for the Search Engines If you like doing things yourself then here are 6 free tools to help you. Just like your accounts you need to know your numbers. However, make sure that you don’t spend your time trying to figure all this out at the expense of your key responsibilities. That being said; Do you know how to analyse your Search Engine Optimisation successes and failures? How do you measure the return on investment of your SEO tactics? How do you know what is working and what is not? Do you […]

3 Marketing Lessons Small Businesses Can Take From Uber

by Editor
Marketing Lessons Local Business Owners Can Learn From Uber If you have ever taken an Uber ride, you were given the choice to quickly rate your ride, and Uber uses this intel to constantly develop itself. Local businesses should try to get quick feedback as well. Offering a bonus for an online review is a great way to do this. These reviews can do amazing things for marketing and advertising in the world of reputation management. Even negative reviews can look good if you respond properly and show consumers that you care. Form Partnerships To prolong its reach and marketability, […]

How to optimise your Google My Business listing

by Editor
How to Optimise Your Google My Business Listing The term “google it” has become the default position when someone needs answers online. So if Google is Master of the Universe when it comes to search engine use and new customers finding your business, it is important you understand how important your Google My Business listing is to ranking in Google search results. The more complete your listing is the more likely Google will reward you in the search results. Additionally, if you want any chance of showing up in the life-altering Local 3-Pack which prominently displays the top three most […]