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How To Increase Customer Engagement With Social WiFi

by Editor
Many establishments offer free Wi-Fi for different reasons: …attract new customers.. …keep them happy.. …and maybe because everyone else is doing it.. But lets face it… Free Wi-Fi… sucks! …complicated passwords …slow connections …and worst of all, you get NOTHING in return! But all this is about to change with Social Powered Wi-Fi Hotspots. It’s still the Free Wi-fi your customers expect… but without the hassles and lack of results. It’s now possible for customers to simply connect to your Free Wi-Fi service using their favorite social media account. (show the logos visually in the animation popping up) Once they’ve […]

9 Crucial Sales Lessons for Small Businesses from the Brexit Vote

9 Crucial Sales Lessons for Small Businesses from the Brexit Vote The question on the ballot box was should the United Kingdom remain a member of the European Union or leave the European Union? A clear enough question written in plain English. There were two designated parties Remain and Vote Leave. At the start of the campaign bookies had the odds of a Leave victory at less than 20%, so what happened? The message For years we have heard the reasons as to why the European Union is bad for Britain. ”We give them all our money and get nothing […]

Dividend Tax

by Editor
Reconsider the new Dividend Tax for small businesses The govt want to stop business owners being paid via dividends to reduce tax bills. This flies in the face of risk & reward for running a business & contributing to the economy. Life as a business owner means very long hours, low pay, stress, no holiday or sick pay & a life of uncertainty & worry. Read more here

ProHelp East Midlands Needs Help

by Editor