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What Mobile Marketing Can Do for Your Small Business in 2021

by Editor
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When was the last time you left your house without a phone? I’m willing to bet it’s been a while. Most of us keep our mobile devices within reach at all times, even when we’re sleeping. From a marketing standpoint, that’s good news – or it would be if you were making the most of mobile marketing.  The truth is that only 70% of small businesses are using mobile marketing to promote their products and services. Only some of those are doing it effectively. Here’s what you need to know about how mobile marketing can help your small business in 2021.  Grab […]

Why You Should be Doing SMS Marketing Right Now

What does your marketing mix include? If you’re like most local businesses, you’re probably doing a mix of online and offline marketing. You might be engaging with customers on social media, hosting local events, blogging, and advertising in the local paper. Perhaps you’ve even targeted mobile customers by using Facebook’s “Call Now” button on your ads. But guess what? There’s one thing that you’re probably not doing that could help you connect with customers when they’re most likely to stop by your business. And you might not even have considered it. I’m talking about SMS messaging, more commonly known as […]